Valentino Del Cruz: The Myth of Your Life

Who we are, where we come from, where we are going. These questions remanidas chase the man from time immemorial.A society intellectually restless, the need for transcendence and the limited technological resources, served as the perfect combination to detonate in ancient Greece, the spread of myths in response to questions impossible to answer.These downright surreal, fantastic stories had starring characters (the cartoons themselves), and yet they were regarded by the people as universal truths.Today it would be difficult to find people who, in their right mind, still believe these myths as truths. But we have passed the instance of myths, or simply have replaced the other ...? Are they socially acceptable other myths, or dark layers of interpretations experiences some unconscious! responsible today to fill that void?The short story of the elephant, can be applied to the origin of myths in Greece as the origin of personal traumas. Okay let\'s review it here:Once upon a time, a little elephant who was captured by a circus troupe. To prevent escape, the k...... were accustomed to tie a shackle chained to a stake standing dunk. The elephant tugged stake tirelessly to get out of that prison never get success in your business.Grown, the now giant elephant with just a kick could try to get out of the trap. But, accustomed for years that did not happen, and did not even try.Do the things that hinder us life, are real impediments or hold on unrealistic myths?Most interpretations that shape the filters on your feelings and produce your reality have no way to confirm as yet certain, therefore have a great capacity for reformulation.In that sense, your life is a myth.The pen can correct old myths or compose new, is at your fingertips.Those spiritual teachers and religious leaders who achieved some \"enlightenment\" agree and support what MOODY substantially IRRELEVANT road, and the place to which IMMUTABLE eventually will access: INDESCRIPTIBLE. UNO.Your life is a myth. What place are you going to fill in that story? What will be your fate? Does it have a happy ending?

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Collect Trash

These boys are dirty little tramps, so it`s time to take them out...or take them all in!

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These boys are dirty little tramps, so it`s time to take them out...or take them all in!

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Chico Ocean: **** Featuring – Chico Ocean ****

Welcome to my sex blogs and my! I am known as Chico Ocean, a sexy, tall, athletic top with a long and thick dick that will make you fall to your knees, wet your sexy lips, stick out your tongue, and lick my thick juicy head. I want to feel you work my meaty shaft with your hot lips and tongue. Yeah baby! Go ahead and lick my balls. That's it, now I want you to look at me as you put both of them in your mouth. Mmmmm! Caress them with your tongue. Now start working your way back up my shaft so you can really start to suck my dick. I want you to keep sucking on this dick until you milk out a good size cum load. Yeah! Swallow it all, and don't you even think you're done sucking my dick. That's right, suck it until you can get my dick real hard again. Now climb on top and slide your nice tight hungry hole up on my hard thick shaft. I want someone who can ride my dick long and hard until you beg me to take over and fuck you real good. I want you to feel every last hard inch of my dick deep inside you. You think you can handle me? If think you can.... Go ahead and start a Private Session with me when you see me online, Shut Up and Let's Fuck!!!

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Andrew Gee: At College

had always had the fantasy of doing something with my chemistry teacher, was a young, high teacher, and had a very good body, long I liked We finished class one day, we left the room, when I called and said I Stay to help me in something (he knew I was gay) and he began telling me, eh seen the way you look at me and do not resist more, and started kissing me slowly and unfasten button by button to stay shirtless, we were way too exitados, and began to take off his pants, when he had his "merchandise "in my hands, the bell rang for class change and we had to dress very quickly before the arrival of students that was the best day of college I had

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Black Mambas

The biggest, blackest, thickest cocks we could find are all here for you and your man buddies to enjoy!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

The biggest, blackest, thickest cocks we could find are all here for you and your man buddies to enjoy!

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Ash Lee: Naked Day in the Sun

Hi fans how are you all? I have been missing uses all and thought I would enter a blog to let you know about my fun day naked in the sun. Well as heat goes today has been very warm and I decided it was way to hot to sun bathe in shorts or my naughty speedos, so I decided to sun bathe in the garden naked. After about an hour in the sun with my nice cold beer and my penis baking away as the sun blazes down on me I hear the door go, I get up to answer the door not really thinking about myself being dressed or not I answer the door and to my surprise it was the post man. Well omg I have to say he is hot he was a little frazzled at the response he got when dropping off my new parcel which by the way was my new arse vibrator. I signed for the parcel baring in mind I was stood there naked enjoying the view of the post man, when I shut the door and started to walk through the house back to the garden to continue my bathing when the door goes again by this time im feeling so horny. I answer the door and to my surprise it was the post man who asked me if I was gay when I replied 'yes why you ask you like what you see', he replied 'dam right Mr lee. I was shocked to say the least and before I knew it I was staring into his eyes as he looked back at mine and we kissed ohhh well it blew me away he grabbed m cock and im pretty sure you can guess the rest... Well for a day sipping cold beer while topping up my tan that was a nice surprise that got my heard pumping.

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Lee Cass: What I Look for in a Man

Believe it or not, Even us models are looking for love. Not just any guy will do. I'm wanting someone who is stable. Someone who knows he wants out of a relationship. Someone who I can count on. Some of the most important qualities to have are being honest, open minded, faithful, understanding, humility, handsome, caring, romantic, spontaneous, and good in the bedroom. I have experienced all of these things.... just not all at once. YET! I'm very fortunate to have someone very special to me who cares a lo about me. While things never will be perfect with anyone, I find it important to be able to be with someone who can accept you flaws and all. Someone who doesn't mind hearing you nag about your day because they know they can make any situation better. I believe in love. I believe it's for me. So now you know what I look for in a man. Someone I can build an empire with. Someone to have a home filled with love and respect. It's not easy to find this, so dating is good to see whats out there and see exactly what it is that you can deal with and what it is that crosses the line. I would like to think that there is one person for everyone. They will come along when they need to. I've always believed that the seasons change at just the right time to keep order. I view my life the same. People come into my life at a perfect time when we can help each other grow,and when it's time, they exit leaving a wonderful memory.

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John Smithy: Time Flies when You're Busy!!!

Guys!!! My apologies for not logging on in awhile. I've been busy with my life! From my hobby of bodybuilding to writing diets and training programs through my training business, and the massage business I have travelling across the's been insane! I want to be motivated to get on the site, it's just hard when I need to be making a solid living! For those of you who would like to see me and a lot more personal time, I will schedule times where I will be on the site specifically for you! It will be some sort of a premier service, again I have to support all of my goals at the moment! For those of you who are willing to invest in me and our time, I will do everything I can to give you my all! You can also reach me on my twitter @johnsmithyM4M on a personal level!There is a lot to talk about! Diets, training programs, travel, life, anything that you want! Guys I'm laid back and truly enjoy the people that I encounter. Monetary is just something that will drive me toward my goals and that will allow me to keep moving forward, but the genuineness will always be there! Shoot me a message on here or Twitter! If you'd like to start chatting on the phone, we can arrange that through the flirt talk option! Looking forward to you!!!!Best,John S

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Darli: Historia

hello as I've always had that kind of fantasies and experiences and pss had uqe are leaving a guy suck my cock the guy is obviously gay but I still consider myself straight, even that was yesterday escribeme

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Scott Fox: Cumming Up on Two Weeks…

I haven't been online as much as I would've liked for these past few gets in the way of fun sometimes. ;)I still wake up thinking about it all though, and I mostly walk around with a half-hard cock these days.I did have an interesting day last week, though...I found a dildo while I was looking for something in my wife's chest-of-drawers.Game on! ;)It's one of those silicone models with a nice curve at the end (presumably for HER g-spot ;) ).Well, guess hits mine, too. :DI found some lube in there, too, so I checked the house to make sure no one was home, then I got to work.I've had a "Lucky Pierre" fantasy for a while now, so I found some porn online that sorta matches this scenario (and no offense, but I know I can do wayyy better than anything I've seen online). ;)So anyway, I get lubed up, and slide the tip into my tight little hole...another inch, then another, and then another, then another, then ALL of it...mmmmm...that's the spot.My cock is so hard and I'm stroking in sync...thirty seconds of ecstasy and I explode all over myself.Too bad no one saw that on camera...maybe next time. ;)

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